We have worked with Mr. Butts for our estate planning over the last 9 years. We recently just performed a review and update to our documents. With the original writing of our wills and establishment of trust to the review and update of our documents, Mr. Butts was extremely professional, knowledgeable and guided us through the process effortlessly. We both know that in the future he will again be there for us to aid and assist as needed with professionalism, knowledge and most importantly a caring nature.

— Barbara and Ron

Our estate planning attorney of many years, Dexter Rumsey passed away several years ago and we remember when he hired Alfie. We wanted to update all of our wills, trusts and end of life documents and chose Alfie. He proved to be very patient and helpful in the entire process, but particularly in the area of identifying trustees, where to store legal documents, etc. The process is complicated, but he updated all appropriate documents to our requests and has left my wife and me very comfortable in knowing that our estate management will flow smoothly with all paperwork in order and accessible to our trustees. The cost of his work was very reasonable and I would recommend his work to anyone contemplating estate planning.

— Harry

Mr. Butts had assisted my parents in their estate planning, wills and trusts. When first my Mom, then my Dad, passed away everything went very smoothly, so I knew who I wanted to assist my husband and me with estate planning. Alfie is very professional and knowledgeable and we are very pleased with the results of our plan. We highly recommend him.

— Laurie and Leonard

We were referred by a family member based on their estate planning experience with Mr. Butts. We thought we knew what we wanted and we were about half right. Mr. Butts provided a thorough review of our situation and provided the type of counsel we needed to fully address our life situation …. all done with candor and professionalism … and explained in a straightforward manner that made us comfortable with our choices. We believe we received first rate estate planning … we left with peace of mind and the implementing trust, wills, power of attorney and advance medical directives in place to handle our future.

— David

We engaged Atty. Butts to handle our estate planning. We found Atty. Butts “Alfie” to be thorough and engaging. He helped us understand the process and more importantly understand the reasons for structuring certain aspects of the plan in certain ways. We expect to have a life long relationship with Alfie.

— Glenn and Joanne