The decision as to who will administer your plan can be more important that the plan itself. Navigating the estate and trust administration process can be overwhelming and choosing the right Executor and Trustee is crucial. Your choice should be someone who has not only the time, but also the ability to execute the administration with full attention to detail. This does not mean they have to be knowledgeable in all areas of the administration process, but it does mean that they need to know when to ask for assistance. Most often clients choose one or more of their children or other beneficiaries to serve as Executor and Trustee and, in most cases, that works well.

However, sometimes circumstances are such that children or other beneficiaries are not good choices. This is when other options need to be considered. James A. Butts, IV and his firm are experienced and uniquely equipped to serve as your Executor and/or Trustee.  They will administer all aspects of your estate and trust, as you have designed it, in an efficient and transparent manner. Contact us for more detail regarding our firm serving as your Executor or Trustee.