When a loved one dies leaving individually owned assets, their Executor must navigate the probate process in order to administer the estate.  That process can quickly become overwhelming. The staff of TT&E has decades of experience assisting clients with the administration of estates requiring probate, ensuring a proper, efficient and effective outcome. From the simplest estate to the most complex, they will help you tackle all that is required, handling a few tasks at a time, in the proper order, until everything is accomplished and the estate can be closed.

  • Distributing assets (including partial and final distributions)
  • Preparing and filing accounts with the Commissioner of Accounts
  • Coordination for and preparation of the decedent’s final individual tax return
  • Preparing notices and receipts and corresponding with beneficiaries and co-executors
  • Possible administration issues unique to a particular estate
  • Ancillary probate of assets and real estate in other states for Virginia estates

We have successfully administered hundreds of estates through probate for our clients over the years. Let us take care of your probate needs. Contact us today to speak with an experienced probate attorney.